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This is Marcroy, he is the author of People Of Print, a hardcover book for world-renowned Arts, Design & Visual Culture. Last September the homies at P.O.P screen printed some awesome tee’s for us/

In this extremely fast-paced technical age we are living in, it’s almost rare to come across something so wonderful that we can physically hold, that being, People Of Print’s self published magazine Print Isn’t Dead.

You can check it out here –

Marcroy, do you find The Arts therapeutic?

I think anything that requires focus and is enjoyable in any sense of the word can be therapeutic.

Do you think there is stigma towards Mental Health?

There is definitely a stigma towards Mental Health, I think this comes from a lack of understanding or the inability for the majority of people to talk about it on a ‘normal’ level openly.

How important do you think Well Being is?

It’s obviously very important, I think most people would like to feel positive and have a general wellness about themselves. I think it is core to most people’s lives.



Do you think The Arts can be a great tool to relieve Mental Health Illness?

I believe it can be – it’s nice to have a focus on an activity on some kind.

Has creativity helped you through a difficult time?

It’s hard to say if creativity has helped me through a difficult time because I have always been in the creative domain. I do know that regular exercise and a good diet helped me directly.

What do you think managers can do in the workplace to enhance people’s day to de-stress?

This is a really hard question, I guess if people knew this answer, they would be doing it more often. I think that the main solution is to make a comfortable, friendly environment, regular breaks and support when needed.



What would you say to someone who is suffering from anxiety or depression?

I don’t know what I would say exact;y , other than that it is not a permanent thing, and there are ways to work around it and with it.

Do you think through creative mediums we can raise awareness & de-stigmatise Mental Health Illness?

Of course, I think there are many ways that we can de-stigmatise this topic, firstly by talking about it more openly and creative mediums can definitely be part of this ecosystem.


Mucho gracias, Marcroy!

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