Now is the time to beat Mental Health Stigma. DON’T JUST STARE explores the connection between Mental Health & The Arts through a series of events & workshops.

In 2014 founder Nicole de Leiburne embarked on a journey, starting in the UK. She believes through reintroducing Creativity and sparking Mental Health in conversation, we can raise awareness and prevent Mental Health Illness. To achieve this and bring her vision to fruition in a professional and scaleable way, she has developed a small bespoke Creative agency for the Mental Health Sector, working with some of the most exciting freelancers in the industry.

This growing list of individuals are passionate about DON’T JUST STARE and all are relevant to particular aspects of the project, either specialising in event management or workshop delivery.

DON’T JUST STARE is the UK’s first independent project to challenge mental health stigma and discrimination through creativity. DON’T JUST STARE connects creatives in a way unconsidered until now.

If you would like to get involved with the DON’T JUST STARE project, drop us a line at hello@dontjuststare.com