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We speak to Harry Hitchens, Shooter/Director & Co-Founder of Lyncombe Collective. This guy is one to watch & we have no doubt he will be doing huge things this year.

You may have seen him via SBTV / CHANNEL 4 / SKY ONE / HUFFINGTON POST.10313455_10152997432494217_6515415581400160190_n

Do you find The Arts Therapeutic?

Absolutely. In the most basic sense that when I’m shooting I’m at my happiest. Storytelling in general has always been a passion of mine. Whether it’s photographing a political leader or washing a car with a European migrant in a documentary, I’m honoured that people give me an insight into their lives and let me capture it. That pursuit keeps me going, it adds value to what I do. I find drawing very therapeutic. I don’t publish any of my sketches – but I find it most interesting. The focus it takes distracts me from everything that troubles me.

Do you think there is stigma towards Mental Health?

Stigma is a word that’s thrown about, isn’t it? I think people find it cliche because it’s true. It’s hard to accept it for people onlooking and those who have difficulties personally. It’s a lethal combination that pushes conversations to the shadows. When in reality, to change anything it’s important to open and promote conversations.

How important do you think Well Being is?

It’s vital – and I’m guilty of not prioritising it. Your Well Being dictates your attitude which directly impacts everything in your life. Being healthy physically is one of the key things I’m trying to focus my attention on.


Image Credit – Harry Hitchens

Do you think The Arts can be a great tool to relieve Mental Health Illness?

Yes. The Arts focus on something more than just a job or pastime. They focus on something that can’t really be defined or embodied – which by definition means the pursuit of which is indefinite. You can never stop exploring when it comes to the arts, constantly reinvent your character to find one that fully represents you. “Keep it real” means more than just a rap lyric. It’s about exploring yourself through mediums other than your career or bloodline and finding yourself, as cliche as that sounds.

For me Mental Health impacts your ‘self’ and only really settles once you’ve tapped in to why you are as you are. You’ll probably never figure it out – but you don’t need to. An exploration into the Arts can help you in that process!
Image Credit – Harry Hitchens

Has creativity helped you through a difficult time?

It’s helped and hindered me. I suffer from Mental Illness in forms myself. Creativity is both my saviour and my downfall. Creativity is all about asking why? Looking at problems and dreaming up the solution. Sometimes the idea of questioning something has been to my detriment – I’ve asked too many questions, analysed too much. Most of the time, though, it spurs me on to be better and to look at things through a new lens.

What do you think managers can do in the workplace to enhances people’s day and de stress?

Encouraging inefficient process is the downfall of most organisations. I truly believe that a respect for tradition is vital – but it should overpower an idea that’s more efficient and effective. Take on suggestions and connect emotionally with your employees – you’ll be far easier to work with and probably get much better results.

What would you say to someone who is suffering from anxiety or depression?

Get help. I waited for years before seeking it and I’m far worse off as a result. There’s nothing anyone can truly tell you that’s going to make anything better, you have to come to your own decision. Don’t wait until you’re “ready” because the chances are you never will be. It’s a brave thing to do but picking up the phone or sitting someone down for a chat is the first step to improving your life. You only get one shot on this planet – no one deserves to live it miserably.
Stick around and check out Harry’s website on www.harryhitchens.com & don’t forget to tweet him @HarryHitchens.
Stay tuned for next weeks interview. Ciao & have a good day people.

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